“How should anti-social behaviour be tackled?”

Chavs Are GayPhoto courtesy of Sowl/WritersBlock on Flickr

Chavs are over-running our baths, stealing our knife crimes and generally wearing fucking awful hoodies with shitty graffiti-style writing on when there are far more attractive ones out there. Plus, I have a strange sexual attraction to jailbait chavettes which should not encouraged. How do we stop these little bastards running amok? I don’t have the answers. I’m just an ordinary guy. Fortunately though, the BBC website has a readership of experienced, reasoned and sensible people who “Have their say” on how anti-social behaviour should be tackled…Here are some of my faves.

“Kids, adults… this country is full of feral scum. It’s time for a under sixteen evening curfew and it’s time to put the fear of god into the parents of trouble makers and thugs, most of whom are just as dodgy as their kids.” Craig B – Brighton (recommended by 47 people)

“Well, its really simple, if we get ourselves a government that believes in ORDER and law we might just change the fabric of society. A much needed veering to the right is on the cards. The liberal experiment is a failure (as I predicted in 1970’s we have the brash, maverick, over-qualified, ill-educated society I foresaw) Strike with a rod of iron. Now.” Polysensory ( recommended by 33 people)

Take notice of those recommendations…whereas, on the other end of the scale…

“I read somewhere about a saying that “it takes a village to raise a child”… over time, has society abdicated its responsibility for its children, by “we keep ourselves to ourselves” culture and “there is no such thing as society”? Steve is right. We as a community deal with most youth (and other) crime as a community. People are banned from shops and other places. You have a vandal problem – surprisingly all ages help to deal with it. We work with the police. We’re responsible too!” Jen (recommended by only 3 people)

Hmm…a post suggesting we can’t just bury our heads in the sand and hope the government employs some special police unit for going around and caning kids (though the uneducated feral scum will probably think that’s slang and wholeheartedly welcome the Caners). Instead, Jen is saying we all have to be responsible and should work together to solve this. Only three people agreed, whereas 10 times that number fancied a curfew.

Here’s a message for the likes of Polysensory and CraigB – don’t think your children aren’t law-breaking, arrogant fuckers, because they are and have been for some time. The difference is that Daddy is paying for them to have an easy life, while these ‘hoodies’ have fuck all to do except hang around under streetlights and pose for grainy covershots for the Sun (which they are not even paid for). There was another quote on the BBC page that caught my eye….

“As a 16 year old I know that more kids are getting into trouble with the law. The thing is, I also know that there isn’t much for us to do. I live in SE London, and there aren’t many youth activities in my area. What’s worse, to me, is that when my friends and I put the lack of activities to the Mayor, we were told he would ‘look into it and get back to us soon’. Almost two years later I can say that not one of us has heard back. Are we really meant to believe we matter to the Government?” Julie.


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