Madeleine McCann snap – photoshopped?

Maybe I’m just far to cynical, but the image plastered across the front pages of today’s newspapers just doesn’t seem 100% real to me. See below, this isn’t very good quality but enlarged versions can be seen by popping into your local newsagents.

Madeline McCann photo in Morocco

The first thing I noticed was how unnatural the scene was – particularly the young girl’s position peeking over the shoulder of the man. Such a pose is pefect for a “is it her?” style image and if the lady who took the image was suspicious, as she claims in her interviews, then surely she could have attempted to get a better angle? After all, the family do not appear particularly threatening. And how is the girl actually holding on to the man?

Also, there is a strange black line seperating the child and the man she is hiding behind. I don’t know the cause for this, and it may be easily explained by the experts, but it looks a little dodgy to me.

I’m not claiming anything or pushing an opinion here – I’m simply asking some questions, which is exactly what the newspapers are neglecting to do.


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