Crunk journalism

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Journalism by MazinK

I try to read the Daily Mail every day. While this will most likely shock and appall any of you with intelligence, decency and compassion; bear with me – I haven’t gone over to the dark side.

The reason why I read the Mail, and why I encourage others to do the same, is because it is a lesson in crunk journalism. Seriously, those guys don’t give a fuck. I imagine that, at some point in the paper’s history, somebody pointed out the fact that they were verging on the cusp of providing an informative if conservative viewpoint and simply producing hate-filled, propagandist garbage. I am inspired by the fact that the cigar-smoking, Tory-stroking bigwigs lazing in their vast leather armchairs that had been laboriously crafted from the hides of single mothers and immigrants seemingly just decided “fuck it”.

That’s what I love about the right-wing gash-rag; it’s a stunning reminder of just how bad life could be if this mind-rot of the ignorant was read by more than just middle-class mothers and their sub-management level husbands. Fortunately, the influence is strictly contained within that demographic and that is why I can put my feet up and give myself a crash course in spin, deception, omission, bias and hate-mongering.

Hence the Mail being bestowed with the honorific ‘Crunk journalism’. They must know what they’re doing is twisted, damaging and vulgar – but they do it anyway. Coz they’re crunk.

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