Tory Dave: champion of a middle class under siege

I’d totally forgotten about the Conversative party “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?” campaign. Thank God. This image was taken by Binary Ape on Flickr.

Conservative billboard

This reads: “How would you feel if a bloke on early release attacked your daughter?” – the scrawl in the bottom left-hand corner says “shocked, coz I don’t have a daughter”

Further to my earlier rant about the fantastic crunk journalism coating the pages of the Daily Mail like a greasy film, I would like to draw special attention to Melanie Phillips’s column featuring the somewhat puzzling headline: “Don’t write Dave off yet. He just COULD be the champion the middle classes so desperately need.”

While this conjures the rather attractive image of Sir Davey-boy, riding like a camp Arthur on a white steed leading an army of middle-management types puffing, wheezing and grumbling across a barren battlefield to write a strongly-worded letter to the council in objection of the number of ‘colours’ plaguing their once clean streets, I simply must object.

Why do the middle-classes so desperately need a champion? While I am aware that the increasing number of immigrants, the benefits given to the needy and the high tax levels can rankle the ire of the narrow-minded, I fail to see how it really hurts those people who are by definition quite comfortably well-off.

Phillips describes the middle-classes as being under-siege. My heart goes out to them. I’m sure the people of Stalingrad never had it so bad. I just thank the God I don’t believe in that the Russians weren’t subject to the same kinds of pressures as these oppressed white folk. Trapped within their three-bedroom, semi-detached houses these desperate souls have little to look forward to other than three square meals-a-day from Sainsbury’s, free health care, Sky TV, a new conservatory for spring, their five-door saloon car, a dog, a cat and a horde of snotty-arsed brats.

Fuck the middle-class. If they want more they should pull their finger out and become upper-class. I’ve no sympathy for you cunts. Try thinking about others and look at how much of a bunch of fuckers your own arrogant kids are before you start complaining about others.

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