Smallville in Shocking Supergirl Shenanigans

Filed under “am I the last geek in the world to write about this” is this delightfully concise post on the latest Supergirl to grace our screens, Laura Vandervoort – courtesy of the increasingly pointless Smallville.

Laura Supergirl

Although I did hear about this a while ago, I wanted to actually watch her introductory episode before I ranted an opinion. That changed when I saw a picture of her sporting the skimpy boob-tube and teeny shorts combination. Fair play.

She’s lithe, blonde and has a stubborn, arrogant appeal – meaning she ticks all the boxes as far as my search for the ultimate Supergirl goes (I’m still holding off for Elisha Cuthbert for the movie though). Will this mean my long-term love affair with feisty Erica Durance comes to an all-too-commonly premature end? Continue to read this blog, dear observers, and find out…

In the meantime, check out this video I found on YouTube: Old Supergirl, Helen Slater, passes on the torch to new Supergirl – with banging dance soundtrack. It tailors off at the end to be a dull slideshow of Vandervoort pics, but the music mixed with the classic Supergirl footage (that was one mind-fuck of a film) is sure to be a pleasant experience. Enjoy!


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