Daily Mail censors ‘sperm-dumpster’ comment

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Censorship causes blindness

Following on from my previous article, “Gay penguins destroy families – what would Littlejohn say?”, I posted a comment on the Daily Mail website to let Richard Littlejohn (columnist for that drivel of a daily) know my thoughts. Shockingly, I was censored! I’m not too surprised as I called him an obnoxious, gay, butt-munching, cock-stroking sperm-dumpster, but considering Littlejohn’s article was about how no government had the right to police our manners when it comes to abusing homosexuals – and that only gays with no sense of humour are offended anyway – I thought he would get the joke. The web team obviously didn’t. Unperturbed, I posted another comment. It’s unlikely that even this one will get approved though, even though it is quite polite:

I guess my first comment was denied – presumably because I said something that could not be tolerated by the Daily Mail. Or it might have been something that might offend you Richard, but I thought you would have had a sense of humour. To read my thoughts in their full, uncensored glory use this url to read my article “Gay penguins destroy families – what would Littlejohn say?”

Unfortunately, if you look at the seven comments that have been approved it makes you think that this won’t make it past the moderazis. Here are some examples:

“Richard, I love your column, you speak how you feel, no rubbish, just what 99% of us know to be happening to Britain.

I wish with all my heart, you and several hundreds like you would stand for Parliament, leading Britain into greatness again.

I am saddened to watch from outside the bowl the destruction of a place which was once my home, where I grew up safe and secure, and to which I visit worried if I am going to be mugged, raped or murdered.

Many refer to America as dangerous, yes in parts, but I thank God daily for my life here, somewhere like Britain in the 60’s. I cry for my parents who only look forward to death and shrug their shoulders with the saying ‘we aren’t here much longer”. Thank you Bliar and Gang, Brown and Gang, you should all be done for treason, for the destruction of a once great Country.

Richard, please keep writing your articles, truthful and factual.”

“Really clever one Richard. Take it to a music publisher immediately, it’ll be a No. 1!”

“How I miss you when you’re away Richard, without your twice weekly comlumn I quickly lose the will to live – you are the best columnist ever and I still miss your ‘Littlejohn Live and uncut’ on Friday nights.”

Way to fuel the debate RL.


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