The five dos and five do nots of making money through blogging

Image titled Money money money by Dancingperfect on DeviantArt

Money money money hot naked girl

DO – Start a blog called “Better ways to make money blogging” and cover it in adverts selling books on how to make money by blogging.

DON’T – Attempt to emulate the success of other bloggers – i.e. don’t become a call girl just so you can write about it (though that is probably a more reliable means to earn a few quid if you can avoid the drugs, feelings of shame and physical abuse).

DO – Learn how to write properly. Once you do learn how to write properly, get a proper job writing.

DON’T – Rely on people stumbling upon your blog by accident – get out there and let them know where to find you! Nobody ever went broke by spamming.

DO – Use a fake persona. Your life isn’t interesting and nobody cares what you think.

DON’T – Be afraid to use every weapon in your arsenal. Let your younger sister throw a house party for her hot friends. Provide plenty of alcohol and take a camera. Use tags effectively. Litter page with penis enlargement ads.

DO – Rip other people’s content off. Saves time meaning more posts, meaning wider appeal, meaning more traffic, meaning squids-in.

DON’T – Rely on traditional advertising. Banner and text ads don’t cut it anymore. If you have the traffic and can prove people read what you say, don’t treat them like idiots clicking on random distractions on the page – write a sponsored post promoting a product.

DO – Ensure that if you want to try something like the above, only promote products you think are worthwhile.

DON’T – Bother trying to make money through blogging. Don’t chase traffic, enjoy yourself and eventually you’ll become part of a community. If you really, really want money rob a bank or sell crack to kids or something.

Wise words or absolute piffle, what do you think?


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