MySpace – no longer safe for us regular pervs

Black and white pic emo girl nice scarf

Generic emo girl, courtesy of Emobucket – the most amazing site ever!

Everybody’s favourite groom-hole, MySpace, has reached a new-found low as an article published on respected news site, Dlisted, sensationally reveals.

MySpace has long been a popular venue for children of all ages to congregate and post askew photos of themselves and write incessant bulletins about how bored they are. Such annoyances have long been tolerated by the majority of users as the website has proved invaluable for social networking, self-promotion, and shamelessly flirting with underage emo girls.

Despite such fun, the actions of Anthony Merino throws a light on the dark side of the usually only dank pool of softcore as it seems that it is not just the fresh, young and stupid that are being preyed upon these days. Anthony, a 23-year-old Histotechnician of Anatomic Pathology from New Jersey, was caught having sex with the corpse of a 92-year-old woman in the morgue where he worked.

While it has not been confirmed whether or not Merino’s necrophilic tendencies were further exacerbated by an unknown influence from MySpace, but Crunkfish can only speculate that the fault lies with the administrators of the website. Clearly, Merino was unable to fill his ‘normal’ pervert tendencies through the social network and so was forced to get his rocks off in a really fucking weird way.

My advice to fellow ‘executive’ sleazeballs who worry that MySpace’s anti-grooming clampdown may result in them taking a similar direction to Merino? Join Facebook and poke people – knowing that it means ‘something’ more.

Interestingly, it says on Anthony’s about me section of his MySpace ( that: “I work hard, so I party hard, that’s my motto.” Lucky bastard had a job where he could do both.


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