Swedish vs. British nightclubs

Whilst casually searching for sexy pics of Swedish babes (just to prove a point, mind you), I chanced upon a post showing the subtle differences between Swedish and British nightclubs…

Photos of an average night out at Club Sthlm VIP, Stockholm:

Hot Swedish Babe 1

Hot Swedish babe 2

And a comparable shindig at the New Pig & Whistle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne:

Scabby English broads 1

Scabby English broads 2

Can you spot the difference?

Be sure to follow the link to see the full post and for more shocking pictures – including a beat-up chav in a wheelchair…excellent!

Now, I’ve never visited Stockholm or Newcastle-upon-Tyne so I’m asking any better travelled than me if this paints an accurate image of the respective cities? Answer below in the form of a haiku.


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