The web’s most pointless blog posts #1 – Orb in Photo

Inspiring me to start a whole new series of articles exploring the Infoweb’s most aggravatingly substandard and time-wasting blog posts, the ominously-named Orb in Photo article from Paranormal & More kicks-off this celebration of the redundant.

Orb in Photo

“My daughter was playing around with one of her friends and they were taking pictures with digital camera and this one was maybe the 3rd picture taken and when we looked through all of the pictures we noticed this orb. Only on this picture! They took almost 200 pictures that day and this is the only one that had anything in it.

What do you think this is???

Umm…a waste of html? This post has received six comments. Six. And not one of them is calling the writer a fucktard. Internet trolls – you have failed me.

Here’s the link to the blog – though they do have annoying pop-ups that killed my Firefox, so you’ll probably be better off perusing my archives.


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