Novocastrian babes and hunks!

Admittedly, my previous post highlighting the subtle differences between Swedish and British nightclubs painted a very poor image of the quality of ‘talent’ in Newcastle. Fortunately, Geordie ex-pat Jafabrit leapt to the rescue of her fellow Byker Grovers and posted a link to some cute ‘lasses’ – seen here. While I was still unwilling to admit that these ladies quite matched the charms of the scandinavian sirens, I was keen to explore the matter further which led me on a quick tour of the site Jafabrit linked to.

That’s where I found Dusk Night Club’s Babe and Hunk of the Month photos. Unfortunately, the contest ended in October 2006 (most likely due to that month’s babe clutching a bottle of what looks like Smirnoff Ice and clearly being about fifteen), and I felt it my duty to honour Dusk’s noble initiative and mock the seemingly abitrary winners on my blog. Here goes…

Babe – October 2006

Babe October 2006

I refer you to this article…

Hunk – October 2006

Hunk October 2006

Why that guy? Why? It seriously boggles the mind…

Babe – April 2006

Babe April 2006

Now, I actually think this girl is very attractive. Unfortunately, I think the guy behind her does as well. Euww….

Hunk – September 2006

Hunk September 2006

No, this is what cool looks like:


You’re what a twat looks like.

Babe – August 2006

Babe August 2006

Sure, if my tits were spilling out and I was about to fellate a truncheon, I’d probably win babe of the month too. Look at the poor miserable wretches in the background. They should hook up. If anyone knows those two, let’s get them together!

Hunk – March 2006

Hunk March 2006

This guy is clearly a pro. He’s obviously won hunk competitions all over the place – from Newcastle to Durham. He’s so used to the attention that he barely stops to pose before moving on to date-rape his next target. My hero.


3 thoughts on “Novocastrian babes and hunks!

  1. Ta, matey. I don’t have to say I like your artwork, but I want to. Though I have to say, you don’t seem as inwardly tortured as your creations would suggest! I also love the bold in-your-face formatting of your blog, but that’s getting far to geeky and ruining my otherwise impeachable reputation…

    Anyway, this comment has gotten far to friendly. I don’t like to make a habit of being nice to my readers and would like to refrain from encouraging further complimentary comments.

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