Classic Apple Commercials

I found a bunch of classic Apple commercials posted on YouTube by VectronicsAppleWorld a while ago and just had to post the old version of ‘Mac vs. PC’ below. Apologies to anyone who may have written about this before, but I can’t remember where I got this link from…

A-ha! Jazz music and quick cuts between shots of whatever the equivalent of powerpoint was in those days – that’ll sell! Presumably this was conceived at a time when all decent marketing execs were too busy saying ‘ciao’ and hiding the bodies of overdosed hookers to make a truly awe-inspiring advert.

I also feel moved to post Ridley Scott’s bizarre ‘1984’ Apple commerical along with the Futurama spoof. Obviously, the original ad will always be hailed as revolutionary-at-the-time and a work of genius but, seriously, what I get from this is that in 1984, all Soviet-esque vandals will no longer wear bras.


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