Urgh. Foreigners are weird – part two

Fuck or chuck?

Link babes 1

Link Babes 2

As a bit of background, these girls are from the small Eastern European state of Hyrule, south of Georgia, and was once part of the Soviet Union. The girls are dressed in the ceremonial outfits of a bastardised Pagan ritual, celebrating the Zoran Fire and Goronian Water Temples – aka, a collection of natural caves occuring in the tiny nation’s only mountain range. Of course, the official state religion is Orthodox Christianity, so much of the ceremony’s original meaning has been well-hidden beneath more modern dogma. Fortunately, there still remains some appealing quirks to their tradition – most notably the ritual chicken-chasing, boomerang-tossing, Moblin-slaying, and rolling across gorgeously-rendered fields shouting, ‘hyaaa!’


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