Michael Bay commercial makes me want to punch a baby panda

Michael Bay loosely strings together several set-pieces of unemotional, effects-laden action into feature-length movies. Because of this, some people call him a film director and, subsequently, he has become rich and famous.

Apparently, such success was not because of an effective reach-around style. Rather, Bay demands awesomeness – but not just in film, in every aspect of his life. By a strange coincidence, US broadband and telecoms corporation, Verizon, supply awesomeness. I guess it was simply fate (and a garbage truck full of cash) that brought the two together for this commerical.

Now, I’m not sure whether this commerical is just a spoof of how much of a twat Michael Bay is, or simply an example of how much of a twat Michael Bay is. One thing’s for certain though – the man is a cunt.


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