Emo-kids under attack! Wear extra-strong styling wax…


The number of visits I regularly get from people searching for Emobucket must number in the “more than I could ever be bothered to check”. Therefore, I’m assuming my readership is keen to hear the latest in Emo news.

Sadly, my teenage fans of skinny jeans, sweepy hair, skewed photos, and sobbing into your scarred wrists while listening to My Chemical Romance, you have further reason to sulk in the corner and glare at your cat – your kind is under attack.

BoingBoing spills the details about tribes of youths scouring the streets of Mexico City for Emo-prey to maim, destroy and (presumably) mess up their hair. Apparently the attack in the capital that I could be bothered to mention was not the first nor the last anti-Emo riot seen in Mexico. Says one of the rioters:

“I HATE EMOS!!! They are not even people, they are so stupid, they cry over meaningless things… My school is infested with them, I want to kill them all.”

And people wonder why these Emo kids despair with the world?


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