Right-wingers slam left-wing media – world continues to turn

Polar Bear liberal media eats Jesus

The British blogosphere’s most-renowned, right-wing opinion-thruster pithily directs his pointed musings towards the left-wing media with all the subtlety, nous, and scathe of a proper cock.

It wasn’t Iain Dale, however, who snagged my attention enough to warrant a rare emergence from my life-sustaining biosphere and caused me to head to my local Starbucks to get wireless access and post this pointless tirade – it was this needlessly long comment from someone called Geezer:

“Journos are usually the work-shy, couldn’t/wouldn’t do a proper job, type of a person.
Therefore, the work mindset matches a left-wing political mindset perfectly.
Well-educated, right of centre, types are more likely to seek a stable career option, rather than the flaky media world. The media is also the type of industry that allows people to immerse themselves in it, as a lifestyle choice and not just a job or career. So a cloud-cuckoo land, never grown out of being a student, type leftie, will be able to cut themselves off from the reality of ordinary life and surround themselves with like-minded people who talk the same bollocks all the time. A real world job, would give ’em a nasty shock and force them to grow-up. So instead they choose to produce output for the mass-media and tell everyone what they think they should be thinking, instead of actually empathising with their audience and talking about stuff that they are actually thinking about. (BBC do this, most noticeably)

It is also a very popular profession for would-be politicos (who don’t want the bother of getting elected) to get unelected influence, possibly more influential than the elected politicians, but without the public throwing them out when they’ve had enough.
The left have been dependent on that type of cultural revolution and insidious messaging for decades, as they struggle electorally (unless the lie through their teeth like NuLab).
Your average Oxbridge Lefty (if not going into politics or the public sector) will want to get into some part of the media, The BBC is always very popular with them, and because they have been so successful in getting into the media, lots more get recruited deliberately by these people, to keep the purity of thought within these organisations. So you get a dominance of the left in the mass media and news. Although we have a supposedly right-wing dominated national press in this country, they have been very happy to tell people to vote Labour for the past three elections and be conduits of Labour spin. I know it is the wishes of the proprietors, that govern editorial bias, but Labour’s courting of the media, seemed so effortless.
I very much doubt if there are many genuine big C conservatives in the national news media. The likes if Hitchens and Janet Daley, for example have left-wing backgrounds, yet claim to be the voice of conservative Britain. Funny, I know plenty of conservatives, and none of them has ever flirted with left-wing politics!
An industry where there is so much job insecurity, is going to breed snivelling crack-whores, who don’t mind who they work for or what they produce, as long as it keeps them employed and in the public eye. Most Journos at the Daily Mail, would probably much prefer to be working at the Guardian.”

He used the term snivelling crack-whores! I don’t know whether I love this guy for his creatively vitriolic and defiantly crunkish prose, or to hate him for being an ignorant cunt.


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