Movie-Plot Threat Contest

Bruce Schneier (nope, me neither) opened entries to his third annual Movie Plot Threat Contest earlier this month, and of course I entered.

As Bruce himself explains:

For this contest, the goal is to create fear. Not just any fear, but a fear that you can alleviate through the sale of your new product idea. There are lots of risks out there, some of them serious, some of them so unlikely that we shouldn’t worry about them, and some of them completely made up. And there are lots of products out there that provide security against those risks.

Your job is to invent one. First, find a risk or create one. It can be a terrorism risk, a criminal risk, a natural-disaster risk, a common household risk — whatever. The weirder the better. Then, create a product that everyone simply has to buy to protect him- or herself from that risk. And finally, write a catalog ad for that product.

My entry is lost somewhere amongst the comments, but I did make myself chuckle a little. I didn’t guffaw, however, to any entry other than the one written by Nick Brown which clearly deserves to win simply because of the opening line:

“Are you sleeping well at night, confident that you won’t wake up with HIV?”

Whatever you’re selling, I’ll buy it!

[Via boing boing]


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