Pukka Pies – Best Adverts Ever?

I’ve never eaten a Pukka Pie, nor do I ever intend to. This could mean that their adverts are absolutely useless as they seemingly fail to do the one thing they’re supposed to do – sell pies.

That kind of thinking is wrong though. Pukka Pie posters are not intended to sell stuff. They’re meant to simply astound through their incomprehensible brilliance.

Unfotunately, I couldn’t find each poster in a large size to post here, so I’ll just have to show you some of my favourites one at a time…enjoy, and please let me know if you’re tempted to eat pie after looking at these.

1. The Sci-Fi Angle – they’ve done more than one like this. Maybe geeks love their pastry?

White house pukka pie alien

2. Sexy Angle – Oh, the marketing guys at Pukka know how to pull off sexy. Which of us haven’t snuggled into bed with a loved one and a blonde to share it with?

All steak pie in bed sexy

3. Scary Cheese Angle – They may have missed the mark with this one, but it’s certainly memorable, like the first time you saw a rabbit skinned or a lamb emerge from its mother’s womb only to burst into some sort of alien creature.

Cheese scary woman smile

4. The “Uh..What?” Angle – Yeah, I don’t get this one. Which is why it’s brilliant. ‘Fantasise with Pukka Pies’ it says…why!? Because it’s awesome.

Fantasise pie weird

5. The Married/Punning Angle – If the guys at Pukka HQ don’t use a random image generator for their marketing posters, then the creative team is clearly full of the most revolutionary thinkers of the modern age. This ad has everything: no point, bad punning, and of course, Pukka pies.

Married pie pun

6. More Sexy, Sexy Angle – Is this the hottest thing you’ve ever seen? Yes? Then clearly you haven’t been romancing the ladies in the font seat of your 80s creamy leather-mobile. Or you haven’t been accepting enough invitations from creepy guys driving up and offering you a meaty treat. Still, I fancy the girl from this ad and I fancy her even more because she endorses Pukka Pies, who are my brand of the week.

Pukka Pies Socialise

Enjoy every ad by the Pukka people on their website here.


One thought on “Pukka Pies – Best Adverts Ever?

  1. Great post – great point!! But I cannot help bulament the fact that you missed out possibly my favourite chip shop poster of all time – namely an anonymous cloud of said pies swooping down over Tower Bridge. Imagine on a drunken night out in London, looking up and seeing giant pukkas descending purposefully to earth… Quite the most beautiful sight!

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