Every problem ever solved by MacGyver

Out of all the television characters played by Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver is the only one other than the guy from Stargate SG-1 that I can think of. Both characters are awesome, but while Jack O’Neill could prevent intergalactic war with his dry wit, MacGyver could create a non-lethal explosive device out of skin flakes and wheat.

MacGyver poster

MacGyver is a true American hero who (let’s face it, tried but failed to) make science cool. The hook was his ability to improvise solutions to any problem using his knowledge of chemistry and physics. He famously only carried a swiss army knife and duct tape with him – making him marginally better equipped than the average British soldier. His first name was Angus and he had big 80s hair.

Anyway, the ever-useful Wikipedia has an page titled, List of Problems Solved by MacGyver. Read this and learn something. Here’s an example of the kind of shit he got up to…

“MacGyver uses an ultrasonic device to crack the eyeglasses of a would-be assailant. He later uses two candlestick holders, a floor mat, and an electrical power cord as a makeshift defibrillator to revive a fallen comrade.”


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