Why I hate the Tories with a passion

Some of you reading this may be wondering why I hate the Tories so much and why I’m so angry that people are voting for them – I’ll give you one reason:

Nobody knows where they stand.

David ‘smary-cunt-of-the-century’ Cameron has successfully managed to speak enough hot air to shroud the Conservatives in some sort of mirage of reputability. He hasn’t, however, effectively communicated exactly why the fuck we should give a shit about them.

At best, they’re still the same-old elitist, xenophobic, nationalistic bastards we know and fear still desperately trying to drag England back to a mythical ‘golden age’ which only existed in the depths of their privilege-addled minds. At worst, they have discarded their deplorable principles in the soul interest of obtaining power – by hook or by crook. Why is this the worst option? Because why the hell are they chasing power when they’re not even sure what they’re going to do with it!?

Now, anyone who’s read between the lines of this blog will be aware that I don’t really KNOW anything – I just strongly believe in a lot of things (although anyone who takes enough of an interest in human behaviour would probably suggest they both mean the same). One thing that I do believe is that the national consciousness is tied into whoever runs the show more than we like to think. Before too long, we’ll begin to notice the (often subtle) progressive changes introduced by Labour. Casual racism will meet a resurgence with all its crudity, bile and bitterness; Britain’s vibrant cultural scene will stagnate; Tolerance and acceptance will be replaced by the arrogant English superior sneer; Europe will become more distant and the world will be seen as a place simply of foreigners – not of opportunities.

I’m not saying that everything’s perfect now, only that there was a distinct flavour in the English breeze that I liked the taste of – and I’ve felt it turn sour over the past months as the Tory Cult of Ignorance grew in confidence.


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