There’s nothing left to do but dance! Dancefest part I

Admittedly, us Brits aren’t having the best summer. It appears as though the miserable weather, the looming recession, and the medical invasive procedures are conspiring to make 2008 yet another shitty year.

Should we just give up, accept the depressing greyness of our existence and continue to meander through life with nothing but the next Eastender’s christmas special to look forward to?

No fucking way! When the world turns it back on you, grab it by the hips and gyrate like you’re Patrick Swayze! That’s right, sometimes the only answer to all of life’s problems is just to dance like nobody’s watching, with one fist in the air. For the next few days, I’ll be giving you more reasons to dance than can probably be considered heterosexual.

Starting with this cheer-inducing video which makes me want to go and dance like a maniac in a public place. The song, by the way, is the impossibly merry Pull Shapes by powerpop trio, The Pipettes. Enjoy!


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