Nigerian Hyena Handlers

The sly, roguish, rugged-looking hyena has fascinated me since long before Mufasa’s treacherous brother warned them to be prepared (damn, another Disney reference; Megatron was right!). Mainly because of the almost instinctive way they’re dismissed as ‘baddie’ animals. At least that’s the way I always perceived it. Whenever the hyena pack appeared on a BBC wildlife documentary, warily confronting Lionesses’ses in the African savanna with David Attenborough’s emollient tones representing the most fitting of soundtracks, you couldn’t help but favour the feline – even though the poor, stumpy-legged hyena’s were probably starving to death and the greedy bastard lion mother-fuckers could spare a gazelle rib or two. Is this a modern aspect of the cultural consciousness or does this distaste go deeper? I don’t know, but what I do know is that if I was wandering about Nigeria and saw a group of well-muscled men walking along with a huge hyena on the end of a needlessly intimidating chain, I’d also want to stop and take a few photos. Possibly. Fortunately, someone else has done something like this for me so I don’t have to prove my cojones.

Via – Sub Studio Design Blog


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