Is Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin an Idiot?

Watching the US presidential debate on More4 earlier this evening momentarily reignited my interest in the whole election thing. After a few half-assed searches guaging the media’s reaction to the debate (unanimously regarded as a draw, so it seems), I found myself reading about Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and Alaskan moose-skinning hockey mom (which, from what I can tell, is like a normal mom – which in itself is like a British mum, but with added democracy – only more kick-ass, in your face, balls to the wall Vice-Presidential than, for example, a mom whose children hate sports and prefer to pursue academic interests – aka communist moms), Sarah Palin.

Despite being treated rather generously by the the American media, all the news articles I read about this “young, charming maverick” gave the overriding impression that, on top of her obvious inexperience and annoying demeanour, she may also be stupid. Not necessarily in the rather refined and perfected sense that George W. Bush has turned into an art form. What Palin projects is a sort of generalised and far less inspiring level of latent ignorance; which is more cringe-worthy than funny.

So is Sarah Palin an idiot? It would seem so but I can’t simply rely on my judgement alone, as skimming through a few articles does not an expert of American dim-wittedness make. Is there anywhere out there in internetland where I can dive into a sea of US doltishness and bathe in the anti-knowledge therein? Of course there is. It’s the fucking internet.

As asked on Yahoo! Answers: Is Sarah Palin an idiot?

Best answer (as chosen by voters):

“Yes, she is.
Sarah Palin doesn’t believe in evolution and thinks that creationism should be taught in every classroom. She has said she does not believe in global warming and wants to take polar bears off the endangered species list because she assumes that they are fine because the polar ice caps are, in her mind, not melting.
She is currently under investigation for abuse of power after trying to get her sisters ex husband fired after a bad divorce.
She was once asked if she was angered by the addition of “under god” to the pledge of allegiance and her response was “if its good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me”, which might seem like a decent answer until you realize that the pledge of allegiance was written by a socialist named Bellamy about 100 years after the founding fathers founded anything and it wasn’t until the cold war that “under god” was added.
she wants to drill for oil in alaska and stands for the aerial slaughter of wolves and bears in the wild.
prior to her candidacy she announced that she did not think the idea of her being the vice president is realistic.
after her candidacy was announced she announced she didn’t know what a vice president does from day to day and also didn’t know what john mccains stance on the war was because, as she said, she doesn’t pay attention to iraq. (keep in mind her own son is being sent to iraq this september)

if she isn’t an idiot, then neither is george w bush for leading us into a criminally unjust war and neither is john mccain for horribly misrepresenting the middle class americans that make up the majority of this country. republicans should be ashamed for ruining this great country. vote obama.”


5 thoughts on “Is Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin an Idiot?

  1. You are right on. The fact that this has gone this far is absurd and an embarrassment. I thought that Bush was bad, but I’m finding him to be a better alternative in many ways to the frightening idea of McCain/Palin running this country even further into the ground. This election is a test to see if we really are too far down this anti-intellectual spiral to redeem ourselves. There is hope, but if Obama looses, so will I lose my faith in my country. We’ll see in November. Right now, if polls are anything to be trusted, things don’t look too bad….

  2. The three words all Obama supporters love to here…PUCK YOU PALIN!!!

    check out PUCKYOUPALIN.COM, it was created for and dedicated to all those individuals (including hockey moms)who are insulted, disappointed and just fed up with Sarah Palin.

  3. @dustinroberts

    “This election is a test to see if we really are too far down this anti-intellectual spiral to redeem ourselves”

    Excellent statement. The fact that most of the attacks aimed at Obama seem to be based around his ‘elitist’ attitude (translated as: he’s better than everyone else) and presumptuousness (read: already comes off as presidential) shows how on the brink your country is. As usual, John Stewart proved to be the most perspicacious commentator on this matter.

    It’s amazing that Hollywood still persists at representing the US president as some kind of super-human, when that clearly hasn’t been the case for decades. It seems that American’s want an intellectual president for their movies but in real life chose the person perceived as being the most unextraordinary to lead their nation. Bizarre.

    I have been a little paranoid recently when it comes to the GOP’s choice of candidates. I’ve struck on the theory that they deliberately chose unimpressive incompetents. Not just because the insular-thinking electorate can better ‘relate’ to an imbecile, but also because it takes the edge away from some of their most glaring fuck ups. If a real president screwed the country the way Bush did, they’d be torn to shreds – but it’s hard to take Bush seriously. And the same applies to the rest of the oddball administration, who nobody really expects anything better from. That kinda makes sense.

    By being commanding, impressive and having ambitious ambitions, Obama is merely setting himself up to disappoint everyone. With Palin on board, you kinda know what you’re gonna get with a new republican government.

    To lend some words from Terry Pratchett describing the philosophy of the Discworld’s most succesful tyrant: “Lord Vetinari’s genius political thinking and his running of the city can be summed up by his belief that what people wish for most is not good government, or even justice, but merely for tomorrow to be pretty much the same as today.”

  4. I’m so happy you managed to use Terry Pratchett – a fantastical, serial novelist – as a concluding quote about the the future of the United States AND for it to be entirely fitting.

    In retrospect, when a country’s political structure and united fate can be related so closely to an imaginary tyrant of an imaginary society, you know they’re screwed.

    At least there is one thing most of the American Government and the people of Discworld have in common; they both believe their world is flat.

  5. The media has made Obama out to be the Messiah while portraying Palin is an idiot. Palin is no idiot. She is just an easy target because the media spotlights and over reacts to her gaffes while ignoring those of Obama. People were made to think Palin’s stupid for thinking she has foreign policy experience for being able to see Russia. Yet Obama’s foreign policy experience is living overseas when he was 6-10 years, and he maintains this counts as experience. Obama didn’t know arab isn’t spoken in Afghanistan and mistook Iran for Iraq yet the media ignores this. Palin is a good, intelligent, christian conservative lady and that scares the liberal Establishment.

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