Make it better

Due to some extremely frustrating issues with PayPal, Crunkfish as you know it is possibly only 4 days from retirement. So, while I wait to get proverbially gunned to pieces by a regrettable racial caricature as my young, maverick sidekick swears vengeance (which, as we all know, is far, far cooler than mere revenge) over my leaking corpse, I thought I’d take this opportunity to offer you some true excellence.

Let me present iDaft, which let’s you remix Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger tune as much as your partner can tolerate (which isn’t much, to be honest).

I’ve been having some trouble getting the “console” up and running, which might be due to heavy traffic. If it doesn’t work straight up, keep trying immediately afterwards – thus ensuring it also won’t work for the other thousands hitting it at the same time. Fuck ’em, yeah?

I’m not too old for this shit.

[First spotted on Neatorama]


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