Marvels of nature: Spanish newt is real life Weapon X potential

You’d have been forgiven for thinking the real-life equivalent of the X-Men’s Wolverine would’ve been, y’know, a wolverine. You’d have been forgiven, but dead wrong.

Wolverine newt

In one of the coolest forms of defence since Ripley used a power loader, the Spanish ribbed newt will force its bones through its skin creating, as the BBC say, a set of poisonous barbs (or, as I say, nature’s equivalent of Wolverine’s retractable, stabby claws – CCCHNG!!). The newts do this without any apparent ill effects, withstanding their own considerable poison and displaying an “extraordinary ability to repair their skin” – clearly ticking the ‘mutant healing ability’ box and proving that they’re not just nature’s Wolverines, they’re nature’s Wolverines with added muthafucking poison.

I, for one, fully support lacing the skeleton of one of the little critters with adamantium. Seriously, what’s the point in studying this kind of stuff if we’re not going to do anything cool afterwards!?

Read all about it.


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