What the fuck is going on with global warming!?

Melanie Phillips isn’t the only blogger championing the “media cools for global warming” meme, but I find her so engrossingly unpleasant I couldn’t help tuning in.

Regardless of how personally repugnant I find Mrs. Phillips, by the time I dropped into her twisted corner of the internet, I had seen enough similarly worded articles to convince me to take the argument semi-seriously. Of course, this didn’t for one second encourage me to believe the mad woman. It just meant I had to do some additional research…

This search for the truth led me towards hard metrics, courtesy of Nasa who have enough graphs, tables and data to fill even the gaping void in Melanie’s skull.

According to the pretty coloured lines, whichever way you look at it, the world is warming. Nasa are using temperature anomalies to measure change. Instead of showing actual temperature, as you might expect (I know I did), the graphs show how much each data point departs from the 20th century average. The reason for this is given in pretty good detail on the NOAA Satellite and Information Service website.

In case you can’t be bothered to explore that link: the higher the line or darker the red, the warmer the planet. This is starkly visualised below…


At one point in her article, Melanie asks, “Does man-made global warming only affect the top bit of the planet but not the bottom, perhaps?” Fortunately, there’s a graph for that too…

A common tactic for climate change deniers is to seize upon those data points that don’t follow a continuing upwards trend. The less sophisticated of these use spurious anecdotal evidence (“Global warming!? Well where’s our bloody summer gone?”), while others point to periods that, in their minds at least, don’t fit the ‘warmists’ narrative. If you ignore their appeals for common sense for a moment (or for good) and instead sticking to using sense, you can find a well-established explanation for that too.

The El Nino effect is one such explanation. By my understanding, El Nino is an irregular phenomenon that scientists don’t really understand but causes periodic warming or cooling in the surface water of the Pacific region. This graph shows the impact it has on the peaks and the troughs, without detracting from the overall upwards trend.


More data is used to challenge this “we were right all along” attitude on the Real Climate blog.

Maybe Melanie’s right and I shouldn’t be paying attention to these evil, scaremongering statistics. Melanie obviously represents a cool, level-headed, unblinkered, non-ideological observer, as evidenced through the support of her adoring fans…

Truth has has nothing to do with Global Warming/Climate Change, it is a convenient vehicle which has been used to take the world in a certain direction. The totalitarian mind set behind it is the same as any extreme regime, ‘as we take control we can beg, buy, threaten or extort the scientists, engineers or funding that we need.’ When faced with this type of mind set which creates the agendas of various world leaders, which can be nothing more than a lust for power associated with another’s socialist ideals but heading in the same direction, you don’t need a conspiracy. Global Warming/Climate Change provides all this and more.
This is the present and very dangerous base that will destroy the engine of the world’s industrial system. As important as the exposing of the moves of Obama or Islamist cause or the various wars and political expediencies around the world are, they become mere deck chair shuffling on the Titanic when compared with the goals of the climate alarmists. These will cripple the Western World bring in a world wide totalitarian government and in so doing cripple the freedoms we have taken so long to gain over the centuries world wide.


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