Gramps, step away from the kids…

Grandparenting fail:

I was furious when ITV showed the polar bear floating on the iceberg during X Factor and my granddaughters asked why, so I explained that there are some very evil people about who have now infiltrated X Factor, these people want to starve the Polar Bears to death and destroy them, for thousands of years ice has been braking away from the ice packs in summer and the Polar Bears use them like we use fishing boats to catch enough food so they can survive the winter, these evil people want to stop the ice breaking away from the pack, the Polar Bears will then not be able to catch enough fish and will starve to death in the winter. They want to do a similar thing to the peasants in the Himalayas and in the mountains of Bolivia by stopping the Glaciers from melting and cutting off there water supply.

These same evil people want to ban Christmas, unless of course they can make pots of money from it.


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