Wankathon of the Year: the 10 hottest pics of 2009

Top 10 from Deadlamb's Giblets 2009

Warm your cockles and usher in a new year of what makes the internet great: hotties. For while governments are replaced, climates change and fads come and go, attractive women will always be willing to expose themselves to strangers online.*

From the 2009 archives of Deadlamb’s Giblets, I’ve selected the ten hottest/sexiest/raunchiest pictures of the year and put them below. I know, I’m great. Enjoy…

10. Harley Quinn via Daily Costume

Hot Harley Quinn

9. Your Love is Wicked by Cashboxxx on DeviantArt

Beautiful girl with lovely fringe laying in a field

8. Urban PinUp from LastNightsParty

Puddle of milk

7. Lindsay Lohan Self-Shot via HollywoodTuna

Lindsay Lohan Self-Shot

6. Fallen Angel from GothicPictures.org

Fallen Angel

5. Cheryl Tweedy in leather via HollywoodTuna

Cheryl Tweedy in leather

4. Katy Perry in da club via katy-p.com

Katy Perry on the sofa

3. Live Long and Prosper via CollegeHumor

Vulcan babe

2. Mysterious totty from LastNightsParty

Mysterious Totty

1. Ariel from Met-Art

Ariel from Ariel's Blog

*If you think this is sexist, I’ll say that there will also never be a shortage of men eager to film themselves masturbating over pictures of said women and upload these videos online. However, this will be the last time this is mentioned on this site.

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