Tory Europhobe wants to teabag you and your country

If you’re a huge fan of populist ignorance (as I am), you’ll love Daniel Hannan’s inauguration of the British Tea Party. This toothless vanity project is an attempt to replicate the so-called success of the American far right original. From what I’ve seen, the greatest achievement of the US Tea Party has been inspiring thousands of posts from liberal bloggers mocking their inferior conservative kin. Something to look forward to then.

Ignoring Hannan’s spurious motivation for the time being, what is he hoping for from this emulation of the “spontaneous” (Hannan’s generous description – The Smirking Chimp has an article revealing exactly how grass roots the US Tea Party movement is) American protest? I can show you…


What else to expect:

The scale of the movement is sure to be wildly overblown by conservative commentators. In fact, you will probably find the 2 million protesters figure getting chucked around by Hannan and his ilk.

If I do have to see any news coverage, I can only pray for such puntastic pieces as this work of genius… (also a brilliant dissection of the overall ridiculousness of the movement)

Rather more worryingly, if Hannan is successful at harnessing such unfocused hate here in the UK, we might see the Conservative party ensnared by the far right with a certain Eurosceptic MEP at its shiny head… What are you gonna do, Dave?

I’ll end this post by quoting one of Hannan’s supporters:

Oh, I almost forgot what I was going to write. I do not have an excuse for not attending the tea party,just an honest reason, namely the public transport system would never get me their in time, and would bankrupt an old state pensioner. But I do wish you well, and if there is anyway of helping, leaflets etc, I would be only too pleased to help.

With passion like that, I can’t see this thing failing…

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