Distortion comes naturally to climate change deniers

This video is an edit of an exchange between Phelim McAleer, journalist / climate denier, and Stephen Schneider, Professor of Environmental Biology and Global Change at Stanford University.

It was posted on YouTube by the people behind Not Evil Just Wrong, an anti-climate science “documentary” directed by Phelim McAleer. Not Evil Just Wrong is closely tied with a lobbying group called Balanced Education for Everyone. Together, their mission is to bring a “fair and balanced” perspective of global warming to classrooms in the United States. The first step towards achieving this aim, parents are told, is to suggest McAleer’s documentary to teachers – available online for the bargain basement price of only $79.99 per DVD (with the required educational and library licence of course).

Now, compare McAleer’s edited version of events above, with the longer, unedited version below.

And this is why, despite a persistent and well-funded campaign of obfuscation from the right, my trust in the science of climate change remains firm. Every piece of denier propaganda I’ve seen, every impassioned anti-climate change polemic I’ve ever read, quickly falls apart under scrutiny. This example clearly illustrates how quick these people are to mislead and distort in pursuit of their aims.

For the record, the undistorted view of events has received fewer than 2,000 views. McAleer’s edit has been viewed over 270,000 times.

One final thought: normally it takes quite some digging to discover the duplicitous nature and ignoble intentions of climate deniers. In the case of Not Evil Just Wrong, it’s easy. The main focus on the front page of their website is what appears to be an embedded video, complete with a big play button and message saying “watch the trailer”. If you click on it, what do you think happens? That’s right.

It takes you to their online store.

(via The Guardian)


One thought on “Distortion comes naturally to climate change deniers

  1. thank-you for this article, i have personal experience of the greed associated with such right-wing documentary makers, who would stop at nothing to make a ‘fast buck’ regardless of truth.

    keep the good work up and expose these people for what they are, greedy propagandists

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