Please, please, please let this be radical new marketing’s shark jump

Lance Ulanoff in defence of Homeless Hotspots:

So, what is so bad about this? You’re giving the homeless more money than they might normally have. The homeless are providing a high-quality service. And you may actually get to know someone new (making a literal and figurative connection). Even if you think Homeless Hotspots is a good idea, it is by no means a solution for the plight of the homeless, who may often need far more than just money (support, counseling, help overcoming addiction). On the other hand, it is doubtlessly better than doing nothing, which is what most of us do.

He’s right. It’s not a bad idea. It’s the perfect bad idea. I doubt Chris Morris could’ve done any better.

They missed a trick by not mixing in some gamification. To be fair, at least he recognises this is a particularly imaginative non-solution to nothing.

via Homeless Hotspots: Not a Terrible Idea.


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