Bomfunk MCs – Dancefest part IV

With nothing less than the promise of a little bump and grind against some tight ‘n tasty intellectual blonde booty, I couldn’t avoid the temptation of publishing this video of the most awesomest of tunes: F-f-f-f-freestyler!

So Miss Blonde, wanna put your moneymaker where my mouth is?

Interesting fact: I once went to a party dressed up as a Bomfunker. I brought with me a Playstation controller which I carried with the cable tucked into my trousers as I danced like a fool. I don’t think I pulled any girls that night but I did get smashed in the face with a bottle, metal pipe and fence post.


The much belated propublishment of the ultimate dance vid! Dancefest part III

Ahhh, I love this video. It’s with a mixture of pride and shame that I can boast of pulling off every move this guy displays out in the real world. I’m annoyed that he missed off the classic Bomfunk MCs though. That was a staple at the school disco and I used to bomfunk my ass off to that. Ah, what a joy it is to reminisce about the past from that most unassailable and comfortable of vantage points, the present. Standing in the shadow of the Foreboding Lighthouse looking across Deep Regret Bay, I can opt to spend fifty pence and use one of the rose-tinted telescopes that gives me a perfect view of the Coast of Irretrievable Youthfulness. Of course, if you’re anything like me you’ll like to twist it slightly to the left where you can (on a clear day) get a glimpse of the sunbathing beauties on Rebuff Beach. This is the favoured hang-out point of all those girls from your childhood who you lusted after but wouldn’t shag you with a barge pole. Or words to that effect. If only it was possible to send a message in a bottle through time so you can tell your past self the secret to getting laid!*

Anyway, here’s the video:

And, for enthusiasts, the Optimus Prime version…

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Where the Hell is Matt and who the fuck taught him to dance? Dancefest part II

Matt Harding spent over a year travelling across the world and dancing like an idiot for the sole benefit of making this video. I like that kind of mentality. For some further feelgood, foot-flapping frivolity, feast your eyes on this…

I’m sure this creation is supposed to convey some sort of deeper meaning about universal brotherhood or whatnot. For me, it’s just about shaking it like a polaroid picture.

There’s nothing left to do but dance! Dancefest part I

Admittedly, us Brits aren’t having the best summer. It appears as though the miserable weather, the looming recession, and the medical invasive procedures are conspiring to make 2008 yet another shitty year.

Should we just give up, accept the depressing greyness of our existence and continue to meander through life with nothing but the next Eastender’s christmas special to look forward to?

No fucking way! When the world turns it back on you, grab it by the hips and gyrate like you’re Patrick Swayze! That’s right, sometimes the only answer to all of life’s problems is just to dance like nobody’s watching, with one fist in the air. For the next few days, I’ll be giving you more reasons to dance than can probably be considered heterosexual.

Starting with this cheer-inducing video which makes me want to go and dance like a maniac in a public place. The song, by the way, is the impossibly merry Pull Shapes by powerpop trio, The Pipettes. Enjoy!