Prometheus trailer: chest-burstingly awesome

It’d be totally wrong of me to blog pictures of the girl from The Hunger Games looking booby without paying any attention to what is by far one of the most exciting films of recent years: Prometheus.

Since 1986, the rule has been that if someone says a sentence containing the words/syllables ‘new’, ‘alien’ and ‘-quel’, the next few words to come next are almost guaranteed to be ‘probably’, ‘be’ and ‘shit’. If Ridley Scott pulls this off, it’s a huge bloody deal.

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The Gaslight Anthem – Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

I’ve only recently been introduced to the bluesy folk-rock delights of The Gaslight Anthem and this particular song has really caught my attention. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a decent live performance on YouTube of them performing this, so I’ve had to use this home-made music video. No comments on the video please, just close your eyes and let the breezy vocals and rousing guitar roll over you like an especially emotive landslide.

The Gaslight Anthem – Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts

All 20 Pop Up Videos from VH1

To a certain person of a certain age and a certain disposition, this post will be the greatest thing ever. Unfortunately, that certain person is me dear reader, so you may as well just bugger off and look at pictures of bacon draped across some bird’s tits and let me carry on…

If you didn’t know, Pop Up Video is/was a TV show on VH1 and is responsible for entertaining me more than wanking did during my uni days. Overlaying some bizarre choices of music videos with nuggets of sometimes informative, often pointless, usually witty, but always welcome facts that ‘pop up’ throughout, this is the perfect recipe for a young mind thirsting for a wank, but who can’t reasonably commit to one at two in the afternoon.

I loved this show, and so did everyone else I forced to watch them. Waste a hell of a lot of time now and watch these…

Belinda Carlisle – Heaven is a Place on Earth

Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas?

Men at Work – Down Under

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up

No Doubt – Ex-Girlfriend

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