Picture book for the morbidly obsessed

Hit the link to see who else’s friends are still dead – All My Friends Are Still Dead via Neatorama.


Two conjoined twins are stuck in an empty room

Two conjoined twins are stuck in an empty room. The room has four walls of equal length with no windows and a ceiling that is too tall for them to reach. There is no light or sound in the room and the walls and floors are completely featureless except for two doors on two opposing walls. The doors are identical in all respects except that one leads to certain death and the other leads to freedom – there is nothing to distinguish the two options.

The twins have been trapped in the room for eight hours without food or water. They can not see in the darkness, can only hear each other talk, and experience no smells or heat to punctuate the emptiness.

All they know about their situation is that one door will set them free, while the other will lead to their instanteous demise.

The twins are insane.

After sitting in silence for a while, one twin turns to the other and says, “I have been thinking for a long time, and I am certain the right door is the door on the right.”

His brother appears to consider this for some time before replying, “that’s interesting because I too have been thinking for a long time and I am certain that the wrong door is the door on the right.”

The brothers begin to argue in the darkness; their disagreement becoming violent and culminating in both of their deaths.

Now, the question I ask is which brother was crazier: the one who was so certain he knew which door was the right one, or the one who disagreed?

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