Pixelmator takes one step even further in the right direction

Doesn’t it seem like only Sunday I was moaning about how much I wished Pixelmator to be the rich-featured, reliable image editor I dream it could be, only to be let down by some buggy and odd behaviour? Well, it seems as though I wasn’t the only one wishing as Pixelmator have announced a whole bunch of improvements:

  • For starters, with Pixelmator 2.0.3, most users will see their memory footprint cut in half. That should sweeten performance noticeably and make using Pixelmator an even faster and smoother experience.
  • The Export for Web feature is vastly improved, with fixes for both stability and compatibility issues.
  • We also fixed a few nasty crashes, worked some magic in cases where PXM files were going corrupt, and topped off the update with dozens more enhancements.
  • And, if you’ve wished for a return to the old Deselect shortcut—well, we listened. From now on, Command-D is for Deselect.

While many of these fixes/tweaks are pretty minor, it boosts my confidence that Pixelmator will one day develop into something more than worthy of the heartiest of hearty recommendations – without caveats.



Awesome music video mixes zombies, Soviet propaganda, style and boobs

Gorbachov: The Music Video – bigger and russianer. I can’t embed it, so follow this link to view it – or click on the screencap below.

This video is stylish, bizarre, amusing, sexy, and above all brilliantly entertaining. There is no way I would have listened to this song if it wasn’t for this music video so all in all a bloody good job Mr. Music Video Director person.