What are people looking at on my Flickr? Part one: South Park

southpark characters

This, in a South Park representation, is what my buddies and I looked like seven or so years ago – made during that time. In this fast-moving age, that’s like a digital fossil of my youth.

It was created using a free version of CorelDraw I got from one of those computing magazines that used to come with a CD packed full of demos. I used to spend hours on that CorelDraw; bizarrely creating dozens of 3Dish Star Trek, federation-style spaceships. Anyway, this South Park pic is the most viewed image on my Flickr photoset.

You’ll have to take my word for it, but that is an EXACT replication of how we used to look every day. I’m the second in on the right (holding the cigarette and scowling). I still have that hoody but have been banned by my girlfriend from wearing it out in public – even in private I’m only allowed to don it on “Scruffy Sundays”.