Prometheus trailer: chest-burstingly awesome

It’d be totally wrong of me to blog pictures of the girl from The Hunger Games looking booby without paying any attention to what is by far one of the most exciting films of recent years: Prometheus.

Since 1986, the rule has been that if someone says a sentence containing the words/syllables ‘new’, ‘alien’ and ‘-quel’, the next few words to come next are almost guaranteed to be ‘probably’, ‘be’ and ‘shit’. If Ridley Scott pulls this off, it’s a huge bloody deal.

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Kick-Ass movie trailer blows my rotten mind

Fuck yeah.

Kick-Ass looks to be a brutal, OTT superhero comedy that’s part Mystery Men and part Kill Bill. It’s also, evidently, not afraid of the C-word. If you’ve only seen the green band trailer (as I had until I found this one for Hit-Girl) prepare for your estimation of this movie to increase dramatically. Roll on April 2010!