Proper uses of awesome part 1: Fish tank


Watch this video and tell me these animals aren’t worth doing everything in our power to protect.

via – the inquisitr


80s music video taken literally – funny

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. Partly, this is because most of the cool stuff I happen upon can be easily found on my friendly Friendfeed feed (shown under My Crunklets to the right) – but it’s also because I don’t like anyone who makes a habit of looking at this site. Seriously. You suck. Most of you only land on this site just to check out Katie Price’s minge.

Every now and again, however, I come across something that is truly, hilariously brilliant, inspiring and original and I can’t help but spread it about as much as possible. This literal version of A-Ha’s 80s classic Take On Me is one such something.

Discovered snuffling about Drawn!

Miley Cyrus haunts my YouTube

I don’t care about Miley Cyrus; I barely even know who she is. Though wasn’t that the name of John Malkovich’s character in Con Air? Which is certainly a contender for only decent reason why Nicholas Cage should be allowed to make movies – not to mention a vest.

I certainly haven’t watched any Smiley Virus videos. Like, ever. So the only possible reason I can think of why My YouTube Recommendations should offer two videos (out of three) of this, presumed, piece of jailbait poplette ass is that either: a) Miley Cyrus now makes up 77% of everything on the internet or b) the recommendation thing is just plain silly. Whichever one it is, neither are very interesting to talk about.

The other current meme making its way across the blogosphere is this Olympics viral campaign thing that’s being over-shared to death. It’s almost enough to incite me to write a How to Spend a Few Hours Online without Being Bored by People Talking About the Olympics post.

Here’s a quick how-to on “how to” block the Olympics from your personal infosphere:

1. Try to spend as much time reading your feeds on Google Reader – actively seeking knowledge is so anti-progress anyway – and install this script to add a filter. Enter Smellympic terms in the exclude box and rejoice at your shitty contest free world.

2. If you have to venture into the wilds of the web this approach is no good. To give yourself a fighting chance of remaining a Fairly Interesting Person, use the negative Google search operator. If you use ‘-olympics’ after every search term, your value over life ratio will increase.

3. In extreme cases, you may need to use one of those netnanny products (In the future, I’d like to see some stats showing the relationship between NetNanny’d homes and kids who end up as porn stars/crack whores/rapists) and see if they can be switched to block all Gay-lympic stuff instead of the good stuff. Extra bonus, using these programs you can even protect yourself from instant messenging conversations with people talking about the Dullympic Lames! I may apply that to any conversations I have with chicks which don’t devolve into cybering after five mins. Cut those prick-teases off!

And that’s my key to a far more fulfilling lifestyle over the next…however many days/weeks/months this thing lasts for. Can’t we just go back to being afraid/exploiting of China and stop pretending to give a shit that their hosting of the games is the first step to greater inclusion with the ‘global community’?

Where the Hell is Matt and who the fuck taught him to dance? Dancefest part II

Matt Harding spent over a year travelling across the world and dancing like an idiot for the sole benefit of making this video. I like that kind of mentality. For some further feelgood, foot-flapping frivolity, feast your eyes on this…

I’m sure this creation is supposed to convey some sort of deeper meaning about universal brotherhood or whatnot. For me, it’s just about shaking it like a polaroid picture.